Juan Carlos Valencia

Juan Carlos Valencia

Senior research assistant, Cell Biology Unit, School of Medicine, Mayor de San Andres University

Miraflores, Saavedra Avenue Nº 2246

La Paz, Bolivia


Juan Carlos Valencia is a biochemist specialized in laboratory diagnosis, mention in microbiology. He is a lecturer and researcher and currently serves as senior research assistant of Molecular Genetics Laboratory in Cell Biology Unit at School of Medicine, Mayor de San Andres University. In order to obtain his specialization in microbiology, BSc. Valencia worked on the optimization of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technique for detecting genetically modified organisms in Chenopodium quinoa grains. He also worked on researches concerning the evaluation of risk transmission of Chagas disease by the triatomine of genus Rhodnius in Bolivian Amazon, as well as the implementation of molecular tests for colon cancer early diagnosis. Presently, his research interests rely on performing biomolecular and genetic studies regarding hematologic malignancies.