Julieta Luna

Julieta Luna

Senior research assistant, Cell Biology Unit, School of Medicine, Mayor de San Andres University

Miraflores, Saavedra Avenue Nº 2246

La Paz, Bolivia


Julieta Luna Leyza is a physician and a biochemist. She is a Senior Research Assistant and serves as Head of Flow Cytometry/Immunophenotyping Laboratory in Cell Biology Unit at School of Medicine, Mayor de San Andres University. After obtaining the degree in medicine, she went on studying biochemistry, mention in genetics. Dr. Luna worked on determining the effect of NA1 and NA2 alleles polymorphism FcγRIIIB receptor on the phagocytic capacity of polymorphonuclear and clearance capacity of immune complexes in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Presently, she performs flow cytometry based immunophenotyping studies regarding oncohematological diseases, and researches related to high altitude pathological erythrocytosis.