Data Management Laboratory

Research data management

Data management

  • Administration and storage of scientific databases
  • Procedures devising and implementation for data handling and analysis
  • Formulating management techniques for quality data collection

Information processing

  • Working with analytics teams to build data schemes, reports, devising and data modelling anda preparing for data analysis.
  • Writing and publishing Scientific papers and academic documents.
  • Dissemination of Cell Biology Unit research findings.

Interinstitutional cooperation

  • Establishment and strengthening strategic relationships with hospitals and university institutions throughout the country.
  • Action management to establish collaborative researches and agreements with foreign university institutions.
  • Consolidation of partnerships and interventions with national and international institutions, associations and foundations against cancer.

Ongoing training programs

  • Monitoring of the institution internship programs, training and research.
  • Visiting professionals program from other national and international universities.
  • Action management for scientific-academic events concerning research areas of the institution (conferences, symposiums, seminars, among others).