Cell Biology Lab

Cell Biology Laboratory is recognized as a national reference center for the diagnosis of hematological diseases, its scientific areas have allowed them to develop research projects leading to an important impact in the scientific field. These projects have been made visible through scientific papers and articles published in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Cell Biology Laboratory started its activities with the diagnosis of leukemia for Bolivian population, pioneering leukemia diagnosis with standard technology in Bolivia. Subsequently, relying on technological advances, it continued developing research in High Altitude Pathological Erythrocytosis, and successively took up in cell therapy for pathologies of social relevance.

To develop research projects regarding diagnosis of leukemias, characterization of High Altitude Pathological Erythrocytosis, and cell therapy.

Being a national reference laboratory, certified and accredited in translational research in hematology/oncohematology.

General Objective

  • To conduct translational research projects in hematology/oncohematology.

Specific Objectives

  • To carry out oncohematological diagnosis studies with standard technology at affordable prices for Bolivian population.
  • To study the epidemiology of oncohematological diseases in Bolivia.
  • To characterize High Altitude Pathological Erythrocytosis as a new clinical entity.
  • To explore the applicability of stem cell therapy in pathologies of social relevance.
  • To promote academic and scientific partnerships with national and international institutions.

Cell Biology Unit, 1999